Step 4: Determine Value
Determine how much the property is worth - be careful not to overpay!
It goes without saying that knowing the value of a property is absolutely imperative before bidding. The data available on the HQ report, combined with the interactive sales analysis tool will go a long way to helping you with this task.

One of the best indicators of value is what the property last sold for.
If it was some time ago it is important to factor in the capital growth in the area to get todays value.
Last Sold Price
Sale date
Transfer date
The HQ Report also includes details about what neighbouring properties have sold for.
It also includes sales that are PENDING - which means that you can see the very latest sales that are still in progress but have not yet been registered at the deeds office.

Simply click on an address below to identify the property on the map.
You can also drag the yellow man in the top left corner onto the map to see what the property looks like from the street!