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Requirements for registration differ from Sheriff to Sheriff, but this is what they may require:

- A refundable deposit of up to R10,000. Some Sheriffs do not require a registration deposit at all - but on average between R2000 and R5000 is required. It is best to phone the sheriff beforehand for the requirements.

- FICA documentation – i.e. Proof of residence and a copy of your ID (Some Sheriffs do not require FICA documents)

In some cases it is not possible to register on the day of the auction – you may need to register a few days before the auction at the Sheriff’s office.

It’s always best to phone the sheriff’s office to confirm the registration requirements if you have not previously attended an auction by that sheriff.
The buyer is responsible for the following:
- All outstanding rates and taxes on the property including water and electricity
- All outstanding levies or homeowners bills
- Sheriffs commission up to a maximum of R40,000 + Vat
- Transfer duty or VAT (as per a normal purchase)
The sheriff also requires a 10% deposit on the fall of the hammer.
There is no official means of viewing the property internally before the auction. The sheriff does not hold showdays or appointments to view the property. Each bidder needs to make their own enquiries by visiting the property themselves and inspecting the property from the street.

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