The Nearby Sales tool gives you a bird's eye view of the property market in the area.

It gives you a list of all recent sales, with the sale date, property size, and exact location.

Its completely up to date and even includes pending sales (which have been signed but not yet registered).

Description Size Price Transfer Date
63 SUSSEX ROAD Cape Town 262 R750,000 05/08/2011
15 PARK ROAD Cape Town 252 R699,000 05/12/2012
54 OTTERY ROAD Cape Town 408 R640,000 17/02/2012
7 ESSEX ROAD Cape Town Erf 68797 345 R600,000 11/03/2013
3 ROSS ROAD Cape Town 141 R300,000 27/09/2012
52 OTTERY ROAD Cape Town 190 R740,000 16/11/2011

Looking for a great value apartment?

The nearby sales tool is particularly useful when it comes to valuing apartments - especially if you are buying in the same complex or development.

In these cases, it can be accurate to value a property based on the price per square meter of recent sales. The same goes for vacant land.

Next, we'll look at price trends in the area...